The Digital Marmor Parium is a project directed by Monica Berti at the University of Leipzig for producing digital data about the Parian Marble. This document is a Hellenistic chronicle on a marble slab coming from the Greek island of Paros. The inscription preserves a Greek chronology (1581/80 - 299/98 BC) with a list of kings and archons accompanied by short references to historical events mainly based on the Athenian history.

This work is part of the Digital Fragmenta Historicorum Gracorum (DFHG), which is a digital collection of ancient Greek fragmentary historians that includes also an edition of the text of the Parian chronicle with a Latin translation, a chronological table, and critical notes.

The aim of the project is to provide images and drawings of the inscription, and digital data about named entities (geographical and personal names), chronological expressions, and linguistic information preserved by the text of the Parian Marble.

EpiDoc XML encodings of the inscription are available through the GitHub repository of the project.

The Parian Marble

The Parian Marble (IG XII.5.444) survives in two fragments:

  • Fragment A (ll. 1-93). This fragment arrived at the palace of the Earl of Arundel in London in 1627 after being probably purchased in Smyrna. The upper part (ll. 1-45) is now lost and known thanks to the transcription published by John Selden in the Marmora Arundelliana (London 1628-1629: pp. 1-14 and 59-119). The surviving portion (ll. 46-93) is displayed in the Ashmolean Museum of the University of Oxford. See images and RTI scans of fragment A (courtesy of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford).
  • Fragment B (ll. 1-34). This fragment was discovered on the island of Paros in 1897 and is currently preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Paros. See images of fragment B (courtesy of the Archaeological Museum, Paros).

The author of the text of the Parian Marble is unknown, but the date of the composition can be fixed after 264/63 BC thanks to the mention of the name of the Athenian archon Diognetus (l. 3). The stone includes a list of events from the reign of Cecrops (1581/80 BC) to the archonship of Euctemon (299/98 BC) with a main focus on the Athenian history.

Events are arranged in paragraphs which present a very similar format including a short description of the event, the name of the Athenian king or archon, and the number of years that elapse from 264/63 BC and that are expressed with Attic acrophonic numerals.

For more information on the Parian Marble, see the Bibliography.



Annotation and visualization of place names in the Parian Marble

onomastics and prosopography

Extraction and annotation of personal names in the Parian Marble


Representation of chronological expressions in the Parian Marble


Annotation of linguistic expressions in the Parian Marble


High resolution images and drawings of the Parian Marble


Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) of the Parian Marble